Host the Oglesby Mansion Traveling Exhibit

Historical societies and museums, public and school libraries, banks, theaters, civic centers, and any other relatively secure public space is encouraged to borrow the Gov. Oglesby Mansion Traveling Exhibit for a three week period.

The exhibit consists of three retractable panels, each focusing on a different aspect of Governor Richard Oglesby’s life: “Soldier, Statesman, and Father,” “Three Lives Connected: Lincoln, Grant, and Oglesby,” and a third panel on the Mansion itself.

The mission of the exhibit is to increase awareness of the Mansion and Governor Oglesby across a greater geographic area and to reach a broader demographic group. It is available at no charge for a series of three week periods starting July 11, 2011. An Oglesby volunteer delivers the panels, sets them up, and retrieves them.

The Oglesby Mansion traveling exhibit was partially funded by a Community Awareness Grant from the Illinois Association of Museums and can be scheduled by contacting Mary Turner at